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A question we get a lot is why are we called San Diego Motor Imports when we don’t import motors? A good question with an interesting answer.  The name comes from the era when we were San Diego’s original Volkswagen and Porsche dealership, owned and operated by the same family since the mid-fifties and under the same operations team for the last 25 years.

 In 1990 we recognized a change in the expanding market and realized we had to make changes to fit the needs of our customers, that is when we acquired a full city block in east county and became San Diego Motor Imports Auto Emporium which caters to the outdoor lover with a large stock of pre-owned and new recreational vehicles, toy haulers, travel trailers, four wheelers and trucks.  Plus many specialty items like box trucks, batteries, and solar panels.  The location and the inventory may have changed but not our commitment to honesty, value and above all service.

During our expansion we realized a need for a car rental location to service our neighbors when their vehicles were in the shop for repairs, that is when we opened California Baja Rent-A-Car.  We started out with 3 vehicles, and grew to a fleet of over 100 vehicles.  We have a niche you could say with one of the largest fleets of 7,12,15 passenger vans and 4x4 Wranglers, Excursions, Expeditions, Explorers and a large assortment of 4x4 ¾ ton and ½ ton trucks that we allow you to  tow with.  We not only let you drive in the U.S. but we let you travel down the Baja Peninsula and even over to Mainland Mexico. 

We have had quite the journey in many different directions along the road, but one thing always remains in the forefront of our business and that is GREAT customer service and making sure we listen to what you are saying and doing what you ask.  We hope to serve you and your family for another 60 years.
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