When it comes to renting a vehicle in the San Diego area, whether it is for use in the United States or south of the border, we know you have lots of choices. At California Baja Rent-A-Car, we go the extra mile to offer benefits that the other companies don't. Just take a look at some of the features we offer:

Towing: We are one of the only companies that allows towing on the back of selected vehicles.

Valid Mexico Auto Insurance: We can provide you with the right type of Mexican insurance to fit your needs. You'll find the perfect rental vehicle and that extra peace-of-mind all in one place, so your vacation begins as soon as you drive off the lot.

Enjoy All Of Mexico: Most companies only allow travel 150 miles into Baja.  We allow travel in all of Baja as well as many parts of Mainland Mexico.

Rental age: while most companies only rent to ages 25 and up, we rent to ages 21 and up.

We Are Open 7 Days A Week: The only exception of course being major U.S. holidays.

One-Way Drop Off For Cabo San Lucas: We offer the option of a one-way drop off for Cabo San Lucas. Call us for more information and rates.

4x4 Drive Capability in Every SUV Model: While most other car rental companies offer only 2 wheel drive capability, 4 wheel drive comes standard for all our SUV rentals.

Specialty Equipment Rentals: We also can accommodate you with other items and equipment you may need in addition to your rental vehicle to help make your trip easier and more pleasant. Please contact us for details.

Yes folks, you will truly find everything to suit your vehicle rental needs at California Baja Rent-A-Car. Please feel free to contact our friendly helpful staff so you can see for yourself why California Baja Rent-A-Car should be your one and only stop when it comes to vehicle rentals in the San Diego/Baja area.