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The test drive is an essential part of buying a vehicle. We've included a few tips you can follow to help you make the best choice when selecting a vehicle. The drive itself is usually not a long one, but it generally covers road conditions that would require the vehicle to stop, accelerate, and turn in order for the potential buyer to get a feel of the vehicle as it performs.

Comfortable Ride: Does the ride feel smooth, even over less than ideal road conditions? The ride should strike the balance of being able to feel the road, but not all the small bumps and ripples that might occur. While the car is in motion, you’ll also be able to hear if the engine noise is too loud for your taste.

Steering: Does the car handle well while turning? When driving straight ahead, check to see if you have to constantly make small corrections.

Acceleration: Good acceleration is important, not only to get you out on the highway, but in traffic situations where you may have to get around another vehicle. During your test drive, take the vehicle out on the highway and accelerate normally into the lane. You only have to stay on the highway long enough to see if the acceleration is to your liking.

Braking: Check to see if the vehicle brakes smoothly and is it responsive without being jerky? You’ll want to apply the brakes slowly at one stop, giving yourself plenty of room, and more quickly (don’t slam them) at another stop.

Visibility: You should be able to see out the front windshield and both side windows clearly. You should be able to adjust both your rearview and side mirrors so you don’t have to duck or cringe to see what is behind or beside you.

We hope this information helps you in making a more informed choice when test driving a new or used vehicle.

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